Jul 4, 2007

Look Ma! Friends!

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OK, so maybe that's a little dramatic. But I'm pretty excited to have friends here in Austin like I did in Boston. And the Britts (I can't say Brittanys or Brittneys due to their diff spellings) are fabulous. They make for some darn good friends.

And Britta makes a mean flounder. And Brittn's brownies rock. We ate well to say the least.

Hurray for amigas!

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Anonymous said...

If there were a place for picture captions or disclaimers on this thing, that would be where I would leave the following comment:

This is the grossest picture of me EVER. I had come from the gym and hadn't slept much the night before, hence the hideous appearance and glasses.

Luckily, I love you and will not hold it against you.

See you tonight!