Jul 16, 2007

One Sweet Week

HOT 3D Glasses
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In the past week...

Sunday: lunch and prickly pear margaritas/Zilker Park with a sno-cone/movie with Ross

Monday: work, dinner with Ross at my place

Tuesday: getting geared up for Harry Potter...

Wednesday: Harry Potter 5 in 3D. The coolest 3D experience of my whole life, complete with a little girl who looked just like Hermione. Btw midnight shows are always better than shows at any other time. And, as if life could get any better, dinner and live music with margaritas with Ross.

Thursday: Britts at softball, hanging out with Ross (there seems to be a reoccurring theme here)

Friday: outlet shopping in San Marcos which resulted in an amazing new bag. Down to Corpus Christi, gossiping with the best friend (Melissa), out two-stepping with the best friend and her outstanding friends

Saturday: sleep in LATE, delicious shrimp lunch in Port Aransas, sleep on in the best lazyboy ever while the 40 Year Old Virgin plays in the background. MORE two-stepping in Corpus Christi

Sunday: drive back from Corpus, one more stop at the outlets for a set of sweet green glass martini glasses. God I love Crate and Barrel. Afternoon with Ross, dinner with Ross, Nikki and Stephen.

Monday: back to work, catch up on domestic things

It didn't seem that busy when I was doing it. But now, writing it, I'm exhausted. Whew, g'nite

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