Jul 23, 2007

Cheryl Lowe: Professional Sorting Hat

At the office this week, our tech center is hosting a Harry Potter themed day camp. And today I was the sorting hat, sorting out the Ravenclaws from the Griffindors, Slytherins from Hufflepuffs. Do I have the greatest job or what?

Furthermore, the 7th book is pretty darn good, though I'm only 250 pages into the 700-some odd epic that it is. I won't be a spoiler but so far, so good.

In un-Harry Potter related news, Mom visited which was good. We were mostly lazy but it was nice to have her here. And Kev got to see the puppy, always popular with him. And on Friday, Ross got his new jeep. She's a beauty. I like her (him?) lots.

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