Jul 28, 2007

Starbucks is a gift from the gods

Thursday morning I was up and out the door by 7am. Downtown for a YNPN breakfast at 730, back to the office by 915-ish. Worked until 430pm. Jumped in my fun little car, ran to the Starbucks near my apartment and hit the road down south. A surprisingly quick journey down Mo-Pac to Ross's, quick clean up at his place. Into the super sweet jeep and out to his mama's. Dinner at County Line -- great view. I think it was off of 360 but really I'm not sure. Ross drove and went through all these little streets. I didn't know that area from Eden.

Dinner went well and I completely credit Starbucks for it.

Today piled the trusty GS-LSC Communications staff into my car, hit up Starbucks and on the road by 8am, up to Florence, TX; a town where my suspicions proved true: there is not a whole lot of anything there. Took some pics, ran a couple Girl Scouting workshops, mingled with local media and observed TX GS history. We are officially realigning and becoming the Girl Scouts of Central Texas!

Again, I completely credit Starbucks for the success of the day.

No they are not paying me but I think they should. I accept frappacinos.

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