Aug 24, 2007


In my family, my cousins all have very identifiable talents. Megan is a softball player, a wicked good one at that. Robin sings. Alan does film. Kelley rows crew. Rhoda can draw better than any of us. Becca and Anthony excel in the band. Kev is the computer whiz and in his day, not a half bad lacrosse player. Of those who have gone off to college already, they all employed these talents.

I can't sing, Lord knows. I can line dance but that covers that. I throw like a girl. What's my talent? Oh me, I'm social. I'm a club-joiner.

It's just kinda what I do, join clubs. But in the past week or so I may have gotten a little carried away.

I'm excited to say I will be writing the newsletter for the Austin Area Tri Delta Alumnae Chapter. I'm pretty excited. It seems like a good way to use what I am good at to get involved and stay busy.

The BU Alumni Chapter, or lackthereof, is also something I've embraced. With the help of my new fried in the BU Alumni Office, Amy, I'm planning our first happy hour of the new school year. Hula Hut, Sept. 24, 6p. Be there.

And I haven't officially joined the Young Women's Alliance of Austin but I will be for work. More importantly though, I think I have convinced Maggie (super nice girl who works in development at GSCTX) to go to their happy hour with me on Sept. 7.

On the one hand when I think about all these things, I feel really busy. On the other hand, I feel like I finally am starting to meet my social interaction quota. Woohoo!!

PS Nate moved in Tuesday and the Sox are about to win their second game of the day. SWEET

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Anonymous said...

I know we talk every day, but I am still amazed by your blog entries. They are fun, personal, insightful and make a great read. And I agree with your thoughts on single-sex schools!