Aug 3, 2007

San Angelo: the GSCTX Version

Thursday marks the farthest west in Texas I have ever been: San Angelo.

Etta, Dora, Brenda, Joel and I loaded into the car at 5a and drove west forever and a day. In San Angelo we held a press conference to announce the formation of the Girl Scouts of Central Texas. All went well. Check out the pics of it. Met with some volunteers - the San Angelo gang is great! I'm really looking forward to working with them.

During my 20 minute tour of San Angelo, led by the lovely Melinda, I discovered an amazing place: Devine Winery. I don't even like red wines but their cranberry shiraz was to die for. I went back and bought two bottles.

Ross took great care of me post my 13 hour day in San Angelo. He picked me up, took me to dinner, showed me the sweet lookout spot off 360 that looks out to all of Austin (the place where had we been in high school, we would have parked to make out), back home to the hot tub and ended the night with a massage. Sounds pretty swell huh? Oh it gets better. Courtesy of Ross, I also have Cadbury hot chocolate mix on the way. Mmmm hmm, he got me some. Best Boyfriend Ever? Yes. I think so.

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Anonymous said...

I like the pics of the press conference! OH! Great looking press kits. Mmmmm...cookies!