Aug 27, 2007

Wicked Weekend

I had a truly fabulous weekend. The weekend before that was also truly fabulous (don't remember if I told you - basically Ross and I did nothing together for 2 days straight and it was glorious).

But this weekend, man, what a weekend. It started with some shopping with Shannon for goodies for Haila's baby shower. On the clock shopping, always the best kind. Then a little trip to a store I'll just call "Vicki's" and then home where Nate made some rockin cheeseburgers. Watched the Sox win AGAIN. Checked out Opal Divine's Marina with Nate and Dora. Good times had by all, especially Dora who schooled us in yahtzee despite that we had to teach her how to play. And that's just Friday!

Saturday I had lunch with Ross and then we spent a lazy afternoon together. We had dinner with his Mom and Grandma who I love more each time I see them. The food, steak and mashed potatoes, wasn't bad either. Home for a little football on TV and a nap at halftime. Out with his friends for some barhopping on 6th Street.

And all day Sunday on Lake Austin with Shannon and Chad. He hit it off with Chad so well! It's like we have couple friends (which I enjoy but makes me feel old and very couple-y). Dropped into his mom's place for a moment where she gave us tons of food. We then had this conversation
Me: Thank you for all the food. It's going to be a great dinner.
Mom: Oh honey I don't mind. Besides, you took him. (pointing to Ross)
Me: haha, I suppose that's a fair trade.
Mom: No, you got the short end of the stick, I've come out way ahead.
Ross: OK time to leave. Thanks Mom.
And then home for dinner, which Ross both cooked and cleaned up from. Ain't he the best? I'm pretty smitten with him and fab weekends like this just reiterate it. I'm so pleased (and sometimes surprised which he gives me a hard time about) that we can spend the whole weekend together and still want to see more of each other. Love it.

That about wraps up my weekend. In other non-weekend news, my old delta friend Erin (aka Emo)from Boston, who since moved to Dallas has recently relocated to New York City. Check out Emo's NYC blog :) She's a real life character from Sex & the City, I swear

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Emo said...

Yay! Love the shout out! And I like your name for my blog even better than my name! Wish I could come hang out with you in Austin.