Aug 14, 2007

Miss You Man

@ the Tent
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I miss my friends. Just check out this picture. Don't you kinda miss them too? They are funny, loud, absurd, wicked smart, usually a little tipsy, sometimes unshowered, not too tall, mostly on the east coast, random, blunt and this this crowd, there are no limits.

Can you tell I made the mistake of looking at old pics? Yeah, thats why I miss this strange bunch so much at the moment.

But on the upside, I have talked to all the girls lately. So you can have an update. AJ and Joe are playing house as they are living at La Casa de Boo now. AJ makes him lunch every day before work. As a result, Val and I are trying to move in so she can make US lunch every day. AJ's game. She says she's already bought our bunk beds and got a trundle bed so Emal can have slumber parties with us on school holidays. Meanwhile in PA, Emal is trying desperately to educate her peers about the glory of 10-cup beer pong. And dealing with me when I have the occasional moment of insanity and call her complaining. A little farther south in DC, Val's finally coming to peace with her stylist who has fixed her hair, which he dyed BLACK on Friday. He added some highlights and they are friends again. Val is also giving Bob financial advice but what else is new.

When someone figures out how to attach friends to an email, will they please let me know? I think that may be the most cost efficient way to see my friends.

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Kristen said...

tag! you're it! read my blog to see what i mean!