Aug 6, 2007

Whatcha Know

A phone call to my Grandma goes like this, every time:
Me: Hi Grandma, it's Cheryl.
G: Cheryl Lynn! It sure is good to hear from you!
Me: Thanks Grandma
G: Whatcha know?
Me: Oh not much

But then of course we both launch into the "not much" that we know. It always turns out to be more than not much.

Taking a page from my favorite reflective 20-something, Jake, here's what I know. At least what I know today.

1) MY JOB ROCKS. I get to play the sorting hat at Harry Potter camp. I work with the media. I work with volunteers. My boss is a fun happy lady. The big boss lady likes me too. The in the middle boss lady sends me nice emails. My most direct co-workers are a riot in a half who share things both personal and professional with me. And I have a never ending supply of Girl Scout cookies at my disposal.

2) LOVE IS MUSHY. I just wrote, deleted, rewrote, deleted and have come back to square one on all my thoughts on love. My only conclusion is that love is mushy - mushy in that the word "love" can be changed to fit a million types of love and related situations. And thats all I can say on the subject. Oh that and I generally think its a good thing.

3) MOVING IS TOUGH. No matter how much I say "I've moved all around. It's exciting." It is exciting but it is also tough. It means a few wrong turns, both in driving and other things. It means making new friends. It's just tough sometimes.

4) BASEBALL IS GREAT. It means summer, it is lazy. And on good days, it means the 'stros beat the Cubs.

5) I AM A TYPE A PERSONALITY. And therefore I feel the need to number my musings instead of just free thinking and writing. I wish I could ramble in the wonderful fluid way Jake can. He can go from sports to world hunger to loving his dog all in one piece without you ever thinking it's random.

That's what I know for now.

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