Jun 8, 2008

The Adventure of the Dress: Part 1

Yesterday I went with Mom and Grandma on the first wedding dress exploration. We went to Alfred Angelo and David's Bridal. I tried on some beautiful dresses of every shape and style.

I determined a few things...

1) I do not want a mermaid dress. You can't move in those things! It reminds me of when we did the pillow dance in high school and you tie a belt around your knees. There's no way I could shake my groove thing properly at my wedding in one of those.

2) I like dresses that have it all built in. The Alfred Angelo dresses have boning built in and really have great shape. They also have all the petticoat layers already in them which is fantastic.

3) I've said it before and I have to say I was right on the money...I do not want a train on my dress. I went, I tried on, I felt silly. (Not to say they aren't pretty - they are. But they are not my style.) I felt so silly standing in one place and having part of my dress a yard behind me. And I must say, I did not like having to ask my mom to fix my dress with every step I take. What a hassle! I can't tell you how many people tried to convince me that I want a train. "Oh we can bustle it up." "It's so bridal with a train." "Here try on this dress [with a 6 foot train]." I just simply don't want one and this seems to baffle the bridal world. It was very hard not to snap at the sales ladies but I just wanted to say "I said I DO NOT WANT A TRAIN. AT ALL. PERIOD." They just kept raving about this bustle business. Good lord, I am sure other girls have gotten married without a train before. It seems to be the biggest deal. I found some dresses without trains and they were beautiful. But you can't know any more b/c what if you are my lovely fiance? You certainly can't know what my dress looks like before I walk down the aisle.

Rest assured though, there will be a dress. And it will be white. And floor length. And with no train. What more do you really need to know?

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