Jun 13, 2008

Fun Flora

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On a whim today at HEB I bought some daisies that might be like our wedding flowers. Brought them home, gave it a trial run, got some ideas for developing my flower look and am quite satisfied.

Unfortunately not all wedding things are as easy as $4 gerber daisies in a recycled salsa jar. We looked at a location today. Nice space but lacked some small things that add up. For example, I was not impressed by the staff. I know they do weddings every darn day nearly but they are trying to sell us on hosting the most important day of our lives there. They didn't even congratulate us! It was like the magnitude of our wedding to us didn't even register. And somewhat petty but the mirror in the bridal suite was full length yet not large and nice and pretty. It will be my wedding! I want to see every inch of myself before I walk out there. So we'll see.

Brittany and I are going to take a sneak peek of another location tomorrow and then I'm trying on a dress that Nikki has at her store. She called to tell me she just got it in and thinks I'll love it. I'm excited for that!

And Ross wants just one day without wedding. Sure honey, one day. Just not today :)

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