Jun 28, 2008

The Search Continues

I've been emailing, calling and meeting with photographers left and right. Securing one for the wedding is one of my three goals for the summer (the other two are choosing a date and choosing a location).

It's much harder than just "who takes pretty pics and at a good price." The prices include such a variety of things. How many hours? How many prints? What is the quality of editing? Are the digital negatives included? And then there are personality questions. The photographer I met with yesterday was superb in the personality and editing realm. When we started talking he asked several questions about the feel of our wedding. He even walked through the schedule with me, including the position of the sun at 5 p.m. when our ceremony would begin.

Tomorrow I meet with a photographer who I know includes a great number of prints in his price. But who knows the kind of attention he places on any one wedding.

I really hope that after this weekend I will have met with enough photographers to make a decision and schedule our engagement photo session.

The other search that continues is the dress. And here I don't just mean THE DRESS for my wedding day. I mean my clothing for all wedding related activities. So far I have my engagement party dress picked out and purchased. The next one will be what to wear for engagement pictures. Some photographers list tips on their web site that include wearing solids for engagement pictures. It's going to sound strange but when I look in my closet I don't see many solids that I would want to wear. I might just need to look harder ... or I may have a very good excuse to buy new clothes. Then of course there's the wedding shower outfit, the bachelorette party attire, the rehearsal look, THE DRESS and perhaps even an after-party dress. That's a lot of clothes! And all the outfits of course needs shoes (oh darn).

Speaking of clothes, that plaid is his family tartan. That's what his kilt in the wedding will look like and is thus our accent "color."

Ha! And Ross says I will run out of planning to do by the end of this summer. Clearly he is not a bride and does not know the extent of planning possible for a wedding.

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