Jun 25, 2008

All Roads Lead to Austin

At work I am going through an address list of 20,000 addresses. I did a unique entries only sort (which is how I got from 27,000 to 20,000) but there are still duplicates due to human error upon entry. For example, N. 1st Street and North First St. are clearly the same street but it shows up as two different entries. Fun.

However the high point is finding fun street names in Central Texas.

The first really fun one that caught my eye was Cheryl Lynn Road in South Austin. Surprise, surprise.

But what is really exciting is I learned about a WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD in Round Rock with baseball street names. That's right. Fenway Park Court. Nolan Ryan Blvd. Reggie Jackson Trail. Roberto Clemente Lane. Campanella Drive.

Check it out yourself.

1 comment:

Jake Lloyd said...

That, in one word, is sweet. By the way, I might need some PR advice since I'm considering an Americorps position that would involve a lotta your kinda stuff.