Dec 21, 2012

3rd Trimester!

That's right folks! 28 weeks done, 12 more to go! The homestretch is here! Bring on the third trimester!

At 28 weeks Baby Cade is a bit over 2 pounds (hopefully just a 19 weeks he was in the 83% percentile. If he's continued growing at that rate, wowzas. Linebacker baby.) He's 14-15 inches long and the produce of the week is a Chinese cabbage. He moves, he wiggles, he kicks and now he blinks too. Pretty fancy stuff.

On the Mommy-front, I recently deviated from my no-reading, no-prep norm (mostly because I finished one book and the only other reading material I could find on Wednesday was baby related) and read 2.5 articles on things that I can expect over the next 12-16 weeks (ie third trimester and immediately following birth).

Well, let me tell you, that's the last time I'll make that mistake. I damn near had a break down! Without going into details, because it was awful enough when I read it, I don't need to write about it too, suffice it to say while this growing a human thing is pretty miraculous, it is just as physically demanding. Ladies, there are some things in my future that I don't wish upon any of us but that apparently most of us, if we are having kids the old fashioned way, will get to "enjoy." Do yourselves a favor and subscribe to the ignorance is bliss philosophy for as long as possible.

Also on the Mommy-front I got the results of my gestational diabetes test and everything is perfecto. Pass the hot chocolate, cookies and cake please!

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