Dec 14, 2012


Yesterday we hit the 27 week mark and baby Cade is now roughly the size of a head of cauliflower. That means almost 2 pounds and more than 14 inches long. That's starting to be some real baby-type sizing.

On the mommy front, the right side of my rib cage is taking a beating. There's a baby foot or something lodged up in there. Apparently I look really funny as I try to adjust because at dinner last night both Megan and Jack commented on how uncomfortable I looked. So much for my poker face.

Also if my scale is right, I've started putting on weight at a fairly normal rate. It's looking like a pound per week recently but we'll see what the doc says when I go in on Wednesday. As long as nobody threatens my ice cream I'm awesome.

In addition to growing a baby, this week I feel like we made some progress on prepping for him here at home. We met with Avery who I worked with back in Girl Scout days and who since having her second baby has moved to part-time a nursery painter. She helped Ross and I get on the same page for the jungle-themed nursery painting and will be coming to the house in late January to tackle it for us. I'm so excited to have such a fun nursery for him!

Next week we start the third trimester and thus the home stretch. Bring it on Cade, bring it on.

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