Dec 6, 2012

From the Desk of...

Tonight I blog for you from the new desk of me!

Ross spent two days off working on the new desk in my home study and it is BEAUTIFUL. Dark espresso finish, silver hardware, two drawers down the side and one in the center. And it matches my new filing cabinet. And my new bookshelf. I believe, ladies and gentlemen, this is what we call an office suite.

Now onto other news, the real purpose of tonight's post: Baby Cade!

26 weeks! That's where we are at! Cade is the size of an English hothouse cucumber. (Who I ask you know what that is!?) (Also I really dislike cucumbers in all forms but I'm willing to make an exception for the baby form.) He's putting on some of that cute baby fat and is now roughly 1 2/3 pounds.

Additionally (producer of the produce analogies) suggested that at this time I may be running around preparing the nursery and going to childbirth classes. But there is a basket (of toys) in the nursery and we do have a car seat (thank you Mom & Dad) so I suppose if he arrives early we'll be able to drive him home and then he can sleep baby-Moses-like in a basket. Oh and he'll have PJs because apparently that's the only form of clothing I buy my kid. Lots and lots of cute PJs.

On the Cade-specific front, last Friday we (as in me and Cade) went to my baby doctor. She checked his heartbeat per the usual and he is still at a very healthy 140-ish beats per minute. One word: rockstar.

In mama-related news, holy pregnancy Batman. I was told by two people today how pregnant I look (thank you?). And I feel it. Despite relatively little weight gain, I've got some serious back aches. I guess having all your weight and then some shift in front of you will do that. Yoga so far is the only thing I've found to relieve it and as a result I'm becoming a hardcore, shameless addict. Also, I have never been hungrier in my life. For the past week I really feel like I have a hollow leg or a tape worm...or I guess, a baby. The volume of food and frequency of consumption are both nothing shy of astounding.

I also only like pants of two very similar varieties: yoga and leggings. Bless them both.

So from home decor to baby development and preparedness to prego pains, there you have it folks. Life in a nutshell.

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