Apr 5, 2013

A bit more stylish

Yesterday Cade and I took our first full on car-stroller-and-diaper-bag adventure. We met Erin and Rowan at the mall for some window shopping and mall walking (us and the senior citizens...).

As part of this adventure I realized how absurd my "diaper bag" situation was. I was using a backpack as I had see another new mom friend using one this past summer as her diaper bag and it made so much sense. Free hands! Well she had a Jansport backpack - fairly simple and functional. What backpack did I have? Our LL Bean perfect-for-a-day-hike backpack of course.

I looked ridiculous.

I looked like I was ready to hike the Alps, which of course is exactly what said backpack was purchased for and used for last year. And while the million pockets were pretty nifty, I discovered that for me, having all my stuff on my back was not as convenient as I thought it would be.

So today Cade and I went on shopping adventure #2 of the week. (He's a great little shopper; the motion of the stroller makes him a happy gurgling baby or knocks him out cold. And he always thinks my purchases are smart.) This time it was to the outlet mall (gorgeous day outside!).

UntitledI am pleased to say that having a baby has not impacted my bargain shopping skills. I'm still a money saving champ. I got this purse-converted-to-a-diaper-bag from the Fossil outlet. Originally $148, I snagged this bad boy for $40.

I feel significantly more stylish as a mom now. (And much less like a hiker.) I also purchased a pink birthday dress (50% off), navy tank top (75% off), open-toed black flats (50% off) and a present for one of my favorite soon-to-be college graduates.

Throw in some sunshine, a Starbucks drink and happy baby and outlet shopping has to be one of my favorite activities ever.

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