Apr 29, 2013

The (Nap) Counter Strike

No naps for baby makes no sanity for mommy.

I had been thinking we'd try to get Cade to take 2-3 respectable naps (ie over an hour long) per day. Clustering his sleep if you will. But I think when doing that I'm letting him be awake for too long which then means he is over-tired, angry, fussy and unable to sleep.

Today we're moving to a new approach. The E.A.S.Y. approach. Even just the name sounds good right? Less than 3 hours into our day and it isn't going awful. He woke up at 6a (on the dot, my little alarm clock baby), ate, played (despite my suggestion that it was still night time and we should sleep) and then at 8:15 went down for a nap. He's been zonked out for 30 minutes. If we were to stick to it to a T, he'd be up in 16 minutes to eat again.

Know what I don't care about? If he's up in 16 minutes to eat again.

I'm going with a 2.5-4 hour rotation. I know he's "supposed to eat" every 2-3 hours but ya know what, he goes 5 hours over night between feedings so if he's taking a good nap and we go a little more than 3 hours between feedings, he'll probably live. Besides at some point he has to stop eating every 2 hours. That's not exactly a sustainable lifestyle for anyone.

Cross your fingers that Cade takes to this eating/sleeping approach and that I have a happy baby during his waking, well-rested hours.

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