Apr 8, 2013

Firefly Lane

Somewhere between feeding and diaper changes I read a book on my new Kindle (thanks hubby!). The funny thing is when I bought Firefly Lane it sounded vaguely familiar. But I knew I had read the author, Kristin Hannah, before and she's one of those authors who has found a formula that works well for her. So I wasn't really sure if I had read this book before or if the "teenage best friends who grow up and tackle life's obstacles" plot was just familiar.

Turns out I had read it but I couldn't remember any of the plot more than a page before things actually happened. I must have liked it the first time around though because I liked it this go around too.

It sticks to the best friends formula described above focusing on two girls/women, Tully and Kate, who start as polar opposites and end as polar opposites but besties the whole time. The character development is really good and I thought very realistic - I could hear myself having the same conversations with my bestie. It has some pretty raw, realistic emotions through it too. Jealousy, anger, pride, love.

I'd characterize it as a chick drama of a read and if you are looking for a good book, recommend it with two thumbs up. Further I suggest reading it now as a sequel of some kind comes out April 23 (you know what I'm getting myself for my birthday!).

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