Apr 2, 2013


Six. That's how many hours of sleep I have gloriously had in the past 14 hours.

Little Cade was a FUSSY baby yesterday afternoon. I nearly lost my mind - he wanted to be held constantly. Meg coming over for a few hours was a blessing. I was able to fix myself dinner, eat, go to the bathroom, shower, all with two hands and no screaming child.

However I guess partially due to hours and hours of wakeful crying and screaming, he was pretty worn out by bedtime and after his 10p bottle...blissful silence and sleep. For both of us. We weren't quite so sleepy or quiet after the 2a bottle but I still managed another hour. And then Ross came home early this morning and gifted me with as much uninterrupted sleep as my body would allow. It came out to be another three hours. And now I feel great.

So great I attempted to put on some of my skinny shorts. Amazingly THEY FIT. And then I added eyeliner to the mix. That's right ladies and gentleman, the bathrobe has been hung up and real clothes plus a little make up are being worn.

Now I must go wake the wee baby Cade for his lunch. Then I have big plans for us like a walk through the neighborhood. Cross your fingers he's more accommodating today than yesterday, ideally awake but calm and relatively quiet (a girl can dream right).

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