Apr 21, 2013

Over the Hills and Through the Woods

Over the hills and through the woods to grandmother's (and grandfather's) house we go!

Friday I loaded Cade up into the car and we took our first road trip. He was a very good road-tripper but nonetheless, it was a bit more of an adventure than I anticipated. What is normally a 3.5 hour drive took us no less than six hours. We had to stop in Brenham to feed and do a diaper change. Make that two diaper changes since mid-feeding seemed to be the best time to do his dirty business. Then we hit traffic in Houston - parking lot like conditions on 610 - and I just knew we wouldn't make it all the way home before the next feeding was necessary. And a hungry baby Cade equals angry screaming which I just wasn't feeling to keen on. So since we were only a few exit's from Mom's office, we stopped in there, showed off a baby, changed a diaper (just once this time) and enjoyed a bottle. THEN we got on the road and ended up at our final destination. Six hours later.

Our visit was pretty good. Cade was a bit fussier than usual but in retrospect I think that was from over stimulation with all the visitors. Once it was just us, Mom and Dad, he was much calmer. Granted Mom and Dad didn't think he was that fussy, just normal new baby fussy. Maybe this means I have it really good and I don't know it?

The drive home was much quicker - a mere four hours! I think this can be attributed to
  1. Having an extra set of hands to get ready. Mom fed him a bottle while I loaded the car and got myself ready. This meant that from feeding time to leaving time was 15 minutes shorter.
  2. Cade got an extra big bottle before we left so he could go a little longer between feedings.
  3. Sunday driving meant no traffic.
  4. We only went through one diaper at our stop and he ate like a champ. Our stop was only 35 minutes instead of 45 minutes like on the way down.
Enjoy the pics of the wee baby Cade, Grandma Caro, Grandpa and Great Grandma!




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