Apr 1, 2013


Getting our savings on at the bank
1. My son is a porker. Our pediatrician wants to see him gain an ounce per day at this point. Well oink oink, baby Cade has gained 9 ounces in the past 4 days! That means he's at a wonderfully chubby 8 pounds, 2 ounces. And trust me, with his recent feeding habits - my fav being when he wants 2 meals within 90 minutes - it adds up.

2. He has a big boy piggy bank! He's letting us bring home the bacon and put it into his brand new savings account! Hopefully in 18 years there will be a respectable sum saved for the fancy pants college he's going to get into (and/or a respectable sum saved for the car we'll bribe him with if he can get a full ride to college).

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