May 22, 2013

Flickr, My Flickr

I'm on Flickr nearly every single day. When that's your personal photosharing site and you have the cutest baby in Texas, it's pretty much a given. Well apparently I recently went 48 hours without being on the site because yesterday someone mentioned it had been redesigned and that was the first I heard about it. AND I DO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR A LIVING. Talk about embarrassing.

Well the smarty-pants I was chatting with was right. The site has been re-done. It's more collage-like now. Almost has a Pinterest feel. But whatever the site looks like, the important thing to me is it houses all my adorable Cade pictures. Like this one from bath time last night.


Also yesterday I caught the hubs reading my blog. I forgot that he reads it and he reminded me duh, yes, he reads it all the time. So...hi honey! (He's gonna hate that I said hi to him on here. That's probably almost as bad as your mom walking into your junior high school classroom with you.)


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