May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Me!

My first Mother's Day as a mom!

The day started lazy-like as Cade had a slumber party with his Nana on Saturday night. But at noon, I got my baby back. We all met at Meg & Stacy's where Stacy prepared us a Mother's Day feast of stuffed jalapenos, cheeseburgers and homemade fries. He really out did himself. We had all the fixin's. My burger had Swiss, grilled mushrooms and avocado. Hello heaven.

002Cade, Lexi and Ross gave me a really pretty pair of James Avery earrings (I'm wearing them in the picture). They are so very pretty. Nancy and Jack helped Cade make me a handprint-in-a-frame. I know how hard they worked on that since I tried to do the same for Nancy and my mom (they ended up with frame footprints which was much easier).

After our enormous and delicious lunch, we came home and had a little family nap. Cade and I snoozed in bed together for 2 full hours while Ross and Lexi did the same on the couch. We took this picture right when we all woke up so if I look a little sleepy...well, I am.

Sleepy but very happy to have spent my first Mother's Day relaxing with my two awesome kids and my super fabulous husband.

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