May 7, 2013

Modern Mommy Must-Haves

Taken on my iPhone of course
How did the moms of yesteryear do it? "Yesteryear" being anything pre...2005. I don't think I would be as happy or good of a mommy without
  • My iPhone. I think my iPhone and I have become even more attached (didn't know it was possible but yes). I use that sucker to track Cade's eating, sleeping, etc; share pics with grandparents, text other mommy friends when I need to be talked off the ledge and to FaceTime video chat with the hubs. I think I would rather live without my left hand than without my iPhone (I'd like to keep my right hand as it is more text savvy).
  • My Kindle. Rocking and feeding Cade are good bonding experiences. But I do both 6-8 times per day. I don't have enough hands to read a magazine or book the old fashioned page turning way but I can usually free up a leg to balance a Kindle on and a single finger to swipe to the next page. I'm a well-read mommy as a result.
  • Facebook. I know I know. Sounds absurd. What in God's name am I doing on Facebook when I have a baby to care for? I'll tell you: I'm polling parent friends on sleep techniques, comparing meltdowns with kindred new mommy spirits and sharing pics with far-flung friends. Using one of the two devices mentioned above of course.
PS Not kidding. I finished this post, grabbed my phone to upload a Cade pic to Flickr to include here and the thing did nothing. NOTHING. Damn near had a panic attack. After 5 minutes of pressing the power and home button in every way imaginable, I seem to have revived it. God bless America (and Apple).

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