May 29, 2013

The Bet

A couple weeks ago I consulted the New York Times best seller list for book ideas. You would think our nation's biggest newspaper might be a relatively sound resource for book recommendations right?

Number 6 on the fiction list was The Bet, the story of a girl who while pretending to be her best friend's fiance to help him fool his family falls for his brother. Needless to say I was expecting a light, fluffy read.

What I got was TERRIBLE. The dialogue was incredibly unrealistic, as were the characters mood swings. The characters themselves were fantastical - a former CIA/actress Grandma in 6 inch heels who is having an affair with the neighbor. Seriously?

I'm just glad I only paid $0.99 for it on my Kindle.

For that dollar, you'd be better off buying a chocolate bar.

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