May 31, 2013

Sleep Battles

UntitledYesterday Cade was a champion napper. You can tell how good his nap was from this big stretch when he woke up.

He was not, however, a champion bedtime sleeper. This is the opposite of normal. Per the usual, he got his bedtime bottle a little after 9p last night. He ate it like a little monster. And then he fussed and fussed and fussed. I tried everything. Letting him nurse, using the pacifier, putting him in  his crib awake, putting him in his bouncer seat. EVERYTHING. Finally at 11:45p he was still awake. I took a deep breath and decided we'd just have a do-over. I made him another bedtime bottle, changed his diaper, reswaddled him and fed him. He fell asleep 1 oz into the bottle. God bless. But for all that work, he only let me have 4 hours of continuous sleep.

This morning I told his Royal Cuteness that last night's sleep battle was silly; that there was absolutely no reason to repeat it. Also that he should take advantage of these days. It's not for long in life that sleeping 5-6 hours straight warrants praise and excitement. I guess tonight we'll learn if he took our little chat to heart or not.

Either way, at least he was cute and happy this morning. So there's always that.


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