May 1, 2013

7 Weeks

Baby Cade has been here 7 full weeks now. He's learned a few things:
  1. Days and nights. This is hands down the best thing he's learned. It's not always rainbows and sparkles getting him to bed at night but mercifully during the night time he wants to sleep, not play. Bless him.
  2. Burping. You don't think about your body needing to learn this basic, relieving function but it has to. And for the first couple weeks Cade's body just didn't get it. Life is better now that he can burp (with help of course).
  3. Head lifting. He still has some progress to make here but it's coming right along!
The biggest thing he's still working on learning is the awesomeness of naps. He is the most wakey baby. At his sweet tender age, sleeping 16-20 hours a day would be pretty normal. I've been tracking his sleep for about two weeks and I don't think he's broken 13 hours once. It makes him over-tired and fussy which makes Mommy fussy. We've started a bit of a routine which naturally doesn't work every time but we have to start somewhere. With any luck, whenever he does start to recognize and respond to a routine, it will be this one.

One of these days he'll take his needed 3-4 naps. God, who among us wouldn't kill to not only be allowed but encouraged to take 3-4 naps each day? You know what they say - youth is wasted on the young.

Right now the Cade-man with his Auntie Meg for the afternoon (that bit about making Mommy fussy...a fussy Mommy is no good so I'm getting un-fussy). What am I doing with my baby free time? Wild and crazy things like going to lunch, walking Lexi, emptying the dishwasher, making bedtime bottles and maybe even exercising. Wild and crazy I tell you!

And now, for a Cade photo bomb.

QT with Auntie Melissa

The first couple hours of the morning are HAPPY

Hanging out with Dad post-bottle

Naked-ish baby

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