Jun 7, 2013

Better than perfect

It's a good look on him
After today the hubby's vision is going to be better than perfect. How? He had LASIK! And that makes his vision 20/15 (dirty rotten scoundrel having better vision than me...jealous grumble grumble.)

Because my hubby LOVES to take unflattering pics of me (no make up, making weird faces, in hospital gowns during labor & delivery, you name it), I had to take advantage of this opp to get an unflattering pic of him. He's so darn good looking I hardly ever get such an opportunity. Haha but today I did! Enjoy this pre-op beauty!

Now he's at home, resting and wearing some awesome eye shields. He looks kinda like a fly with them on. I love him too much to take any more unflattering pictures but you'll just have to trust me.

The final awesome side-effect of this LASIK procedure is that he has a (surprise to us) follow up appointment tomorrow. And we needed a babysitter. Uncle Ryan to the rescue! I think this will be Ryan's first babysitting gig ever. It's right when Cade goes down for his morning nap so maybe Ryan will get lucky and can just watch ESPN for the couple hours we're gone while Cade naps upstairs. If you have an in with the baby gods, Ryan would probably appreciate a prayer or two.

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