Jun 13, 2013

Happy Quarter Year Birthday!

That's right! The Cade-man is .25 years old! (I blame Erin for pointing out this fraction...but it is way more fun to say than 3 months.)

Obviously this milestone resulted in a photoshoot this morning.

We started our photoshoot right after waking up. Lots of stretches were involved

Then it was time to check out the toys

After much persuasion, a smile

And another

Topped off by a half smile...and a demand for food

Achievements at the 3 month mark include
  • First vacation without Mom & Dad (to Nana's house)
  • Sleep record of 7 hours (though not yet consistently)
  • Graduating to 6 oz before bedtime
  • Good head control
  • Reaching and grasping toys, especially on the swing
  • Lots of "talking"

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