Jun 15, 2013

Our Playdate Cup Runneth Over

Yesterday our family celebrated Father's Day Friday with the Hyatt clan. Brisket, board games, beer and babies. (And wine for me but that killed the alliteration.)

We had many wonderful things to toast to between our two families, dads topping the list of course. But my favorite non-dad thing to celebrate was the upcoming plethora of playdates Cade is going to enjoy with Miss Rowan. How and why you ask - BECAUSE ERIN IS GOING TO BE CADE'S NANNY!

It is seriously the best news these two working parents could have ever imagined. Starting next month the Cade-man will be hanging out with Erin and Rowan pretty regularly. We feel incredibly lucky to have this most awesome situation work out. Erin is a natural-born baby/kiddo caretaker and I can breathe easy knowing Cade is in super fabulous hands. I'm also very happy that as he gets a little older and is ready to play with other babies, Rowan (who is only 6 months older) will be there to be his BFF.

So enjoy this, the first of many Cade-n-Ro playdate pictures.


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