Jun 22, 2013

Sleep Training, Day 4

Early morning diaper-only play time
Last night went well! I laid Cade in his crib at 9:30p and we didn't hear a peep from him til 9:45p. Even then it was less than a minute of crying/hollering. We didn't even check on him (the rule was 4 minutes of crying before checking). Then a few minutes after 10p, he alerted us with another few minutes of crying. This time he did hit the 4 minute mark so Ross went in to check on him but by the time he got close to the crib, Cade was quieting down and his eyes were starting to droop. Ross quietly backed out and baby boy went to dreamland.

He woke up around 2:30a to eat and then slept from 3a-7:30a like a champ.

I don't want to jinx us but it feels like maybe this sleep training is working!

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