Jun 4, 2013

Lost the Battle But Not the War

I'm determined that the parents will prevail in the Sleep Wars. DETERMINED I tell you.

For the past two nights bedtime sleep has been a little unpopular here. Ross has tried very very hard to get the Cade-man to bed but baby boy is being a stinker. STINKER. He just won't sleep for his dad and I know from experience how frustrating that is. It's probably more frustrating for Ross than for me since I have a couple anatomical weapons up my sleeve (so to speak) that he does not.

Both nights we've eventually gotten Cade to sleep at midnight and 11:30p respectively. Both nights he's woken up at 6:30a and 5:15a respectively, times which must just feel like  morning time because he's refused to go back to sleep afterwards. This morning I coaxed him into 45 minutes of dozing in bed with me but it wasn't quality sleep for either of us unfortunately. The end result is nobody in our home has gotten the sleep they need. 6ish hours simply is not enough!

He's cute so we're keeping  him,
Bedtime Demons and all
I'm thankful he's sleeping those 6 hours in a straight chunk but I really want 1) for it to start a wee bit earlier and 2) to be followed by a 2-4 hour chunk of sleep.

The silver lining? Yesterday he took 4 naps (2 long-ish ones and 2 catnaps) and today his morning nap has already passed the 2.5 hour mark. So at least he's eventually getting the sleep he needs and thus is a fairly happy baby. Thank God; because sleepy Mommy & Daddy would possibly lose their minds if they had an angry, fussy baby.

So to the Bedtime Demons - I'm on to you! You will be beat!


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