Jun 1, 2013

And the heavens opened up and the angels sang

Last night the wee baby Cade slept for a 6 hour stretch followed by a 3.5 hour stretch. Hallelujah!

We tried a new bedtime thing. He doesn't really do the early evening nap thing very well so I made the executive decision to cut it and try an earlier bedtime instead. I moved bedtime up to 8ish with the idea that we'd do a "dream feed" at 9:30 or 10p. The 8p bedtime wasn't super popular but by 8:45 he'd fallen asleep and got in 45 minutes. So around 9:30p I picked him up, still swaddled, gave him a bottle and he was back down by 10:20p. Then he SLEPT UNTIL 4:10a! Up for 30 minutes to eat and back to bed by 4:50a.

Morning play time is the best
Then, and this is just crazy, I woke up at 7:30a on my own. I thought I heard baby-waking noises but when I opened his door and looked in his crib, he was 110% in dream land. So I crawled back into bed for 15 minutes to cuddle with Lexi and Ross. Then I brushed my teeth, put in contacts, fixed my hair and ate breakfast before finally deciding I wanted him up. That's right. I had to wake him up. At mommy's encouragement, Cade finally woke up a few minutes after 8a. (I wanted to go to yoga at 9a and since I go back to work in a week he needs to get into a bit of a routine that includes waking between 7-8a so I can feed him before heading out.) He ate and then we played. Ah, mornings are so happy.

Ross took over around 9a (I opted out of yoga because baby playing was more fun) and I had a lovely Starbucks date with Brittany and then a great workout at the gym. I got home at lunch time, ate a pleasant lunch using both hands and as of right now, 12:12p, Cade is still enjoying his morning nap.

I gotta tell you, this is a pretty swell day. Per the post title, I feel like the heavens opened up, the angels sang and all was right in the Land of Cade.

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