Mar 30, 2014

Being the Cade-man

Our little boy is really developing some little boy habits and ways lately. And to that end, he's developing habits and preferences.
  • Loves avocado. Like obsession level love. If he sees an avocado, he doesn't want to eat anything else at all.
  • Loves mac-n-cheese. Not quite to avocado levels but he eats inhales it.
  • Stuffed animals. He is carrying them around with him a lot more lately. He has this stuffed Taggie Dog that he just toddles around the house with. His favorite though is Monkey, his animal-blanket hybrid that he sleeps with. We now have to consciously leave Monkey in the crib after sleep time.
  • Turning on his music. He can reach the CD player in his room and goes over to it all the time. He bangs on the buttons until he hits play and "Somewhere over the rainbow" starts playing. Then he dances. But he gets really upset if bad 80s/90s music comes on the radio instead.
  • Toddling. He officially toddles all over the house. He'll spend 5-10 minutes basically just doing laps around the downstairs.
  • Mama's dishes. He really wants to get into my server cabinet and take out my entertaining dishes. This is less than popular.
  • Books. Per the usual, he still really enjoys books which I really enjoy that he enjoys.


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