Mar 13, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Cade!

The Wee Baby Cade isn't so wee any more!

The Cade-man turned one today! We had a pretty fun baby day of birthday cake (those angel food cake shells that you put fruit in with berries/bananas and Cool Whip), presents (blocks!), playing, FaceTime call with his best girl Rowan, Tex-Mex lunch at Chuy's (he was sooo well behaved), a visit from Uncle Ryan, walk in the stroller and more playing.

At the ripe old age of one year, this is what Cade is up to:
  • taking steps
  • but not running around quite yet
  • eating, eating and eating more
  • climbing, especially on people
  • sprint-crawling
  • playing fetch with Lexi (he throws a tennis ball for her; it is adorable)
  • loves, loves, loves his monkey that sleeps with him
  • maybe getting his top 2 teeth
To round out this birthday blog post for my best boy, here is a little slideshow/video of his day. Happy birthday baby boy!!

Cade's 1st Bday

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