Mar 12, 2014

Last Day of Year 1

Yup! Today is the last day of Cade Black, Year One.

We didn't do anything particularly momentous to close his first year. A pretty normal day of playing, Miss Erin's house, eating, the usual. We did take a walk around the block in his red convertible before dinner. That was very popular with my little guy.

This first year has been pretty darn crazy. He is a whole different baby than he was 364 days ago when he made his debut. He stands, he walks, he babbles, he climbs on everything and my personal favorite, he usually sleeps through the night.

Though I feel like I should have some deep, emotional motherhood monologue to commemorate the end of infancy and start of toddlerhood... I don't. For one of the very few times in my life, words escape me.

So instead, let me leave you with this stinkin' cute picture out on the swings yesterday.

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