Mar 9, 2014

No Work Saturday

I try to make one day each week a full "no work" day. And yesterday I didn't even turn on my computer nor did I read any work emails.

I actually kicked off no-work-Saturday Friday around 4p when we went over to Jon and Erin's for an evening out that was in. First, lemme say I had no idea how busy 2 babies could be. You would think with 4 adults we could have this managed. No way. Two babies and three dogs kicked our butts. I have NO IDEA how Erin watches multiple kids at the same time. I think I would have surrendered a long time ago.

Despite how busy Cade and Rowan were, they were both pretty well behaved and both went to bed at their proper bedtimes. Which meant that the real party - board games! - was able to start by 8p.

Double high five to Cade who went back to sleep fairly easily when we got home around 11:45p.

Saturday Cade and I had a Starbucks date with Brittany. It was nice to see her but again, a busy baby. I think Cade might have to be off of Starbucks for a few months. The past two attempts have been a little crazy. Oh well. Still nice to do indulge in a frappacino with whip cream and chat with a girlfriend.

Then after I got baby boy home and down for his nap, it was mommy-time. Pedicure and shopping. That pedicure was desperately needed and highly enjoyed. The shopping went well too. New top for me, new plaid-shorts-and-polo outfit for Cade, because really that baby cannot have too many pairs of plaid shorts.

Then trashy TV, HGTV, dinner, baby bath, House of Cards with a bowl of buttered popcorn with Ross and an early bedtime in anticipation of springing forward on the time. Bonus points: we had all but 1 clock (the one in Cade's room) moved forward before we went to bed.

The funny thing about no work Saturday...even though I did not work, Cade thought he should. So he let himself into my office and shut the doors behind him. Unfortunately, he did not do the taxes like I asked.

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