Mar 30, 2014

How to Raise a Texan: Bluebonnet Photos

"How to raise a Texan" is both a Texas Monthly feature article from 2012 and an unofficial tips series from a former co-worker of mine.

It is very serious business.

So this morning I made sure to raise my little Texan right with a bluebonnet photo shoot.

We are lucky that around the corner from our neighborhood are a few random house with big lots, animals (goats and horses) and most importantly today, wildflowers. 

We started with some squatters (photo) rights in a field of flowers that wasn't clearly anyone's yard. We got some good photos and then mosied along to finish our adventure to the swings.

But we got sidetracked about 20 yards later by an awesome field of bluebonnets that was clearly someone's yard. We started by taking a few photos on the street-side of their fence. I was worried we'd be told to get off their lawn so when the home-owner emerged in her slippers I hollered "Sorry! We're leaving!" (which of course now we would be but would not have been otherwise). Except she said no, no, no, quite the opposite. Would we like to come inside the fence where there were more flowers?


And that is when we got the really good, lots-o-blue bluebonnet pictures. If you think you can handle Texas-sized levels of spring-time cuteness, then please enjoy the slideshow below.

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