Mar 23, 2014

First Swim Lesson

Yesterday Cade had his very first swim lesson! We are enrolled in an 8-lesson mom(or dad)-and-me course for little guys like him at the Round Rock Rec.

At first he was a little bewildered. He looked at me like "what is this giant bathtub and why are there so many babies here?". He continued to be baffled through the scoop-water-on-to-you-and-baby and hokey pokey sections. But when we got to the sit on the side of the pool and kick part, he quickly took to it. It was like a lightbulb went off that splashing was not only acceptable, but encouraged. AWESOME.

He also really enjoyed playing with the beach balls in the pool and eventually being on his tummy and back in the water.

As I told the instructor, our one and only goal for this course is to learn to blow bubbles. He really likes to stick his face in the bathtub water but since he currently doesn't know how to blow bubbles, it gets a little un-fun pretty quickly. And he's drinking more soapy water than I'm enthusiastic about.

Ross plans to attend at least one of the upcoming lessons so hopefully we'll get a few pictures then.

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