Feb 2, 2007

This Boston's For You

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I like Copley Square. A lot. An unhealthy amount maybe. So give me a month T pass and an excuse to go to Copley or the BPL and I am on it.

I had almost forgotten how pretty this city is. It just adds to my internal conflict on moving. Again, I know I am ready to be done with college...but done with Boston? That I'm not so sure about. Chalk it up to being the first time I have lived really in a city (as opposed to suburbia), call it my college experience, heck say its just my comfort zone. Either which way, I like beantown. It makes me wonder "Can Austin compare?" God I hope so!

But like I said, I got to go down to Copley yesterday, BPL run, and KBR had just commented how much she loved seeing my Boston pics and never realized how much she would miss it. Inspired by KBR I took some pics -- This Boston's For You my lovely Texan friend.

And then I realized, I miss Boston too, even though I am here.


Kristen said...

You made me laugh... "i miss boston, too although i'm already here."

Here's the good news, my friend: Austin's cost of living is such that you'll be able to take trips! And I'm sure Boston will be one of your first destinations. I know as soon as we can we intend to go back and go back again, and again... heck we might even turn into nantucket-ers. but that might just be a pipedream. dreams are nice.

Kristen said...

hey, i just realized, maybe you need to take your own advice and soak up a little beantown for a while. ;-)

Cheryl said...

currently soaking :)

Kristen said...

i've decided that in the grand world of delta delta delta you and i really would be family. however, i seriously shudder to think about how many "great-great-great grand big" sis's would be between us... so I'm just gonna call you "lil sis" for short. we already know how great we each are.