Feb 22, 2009

Blogging about blogging

As I mentioned Friday, Haila got me hooked on RSS feeds. I think it was only about six months ago that she was professing her fear and ignorance regarding social media. Now folks, she's blogging.

And her blog had a cuter background than mine. No more. I totally copy-catted her and found a cute blog background. You do not want to know how much time I just spent finding the right background and the right layout to go with it. Really it was an unnecessary amount of time but just look how cute and pink it all is now. What's not to love (assuming you like pink that is)?

Haila's new found social media adventures spurred, at least partially, from our department's decision to create a GSCTX presence online. We all started doing research, exploring things a little more, etc. One of the issues has been what could GSCTX blog about that would be interesting to people. If its not interesting they won't read right? And that got me thinking about my own blog. I use it as a journal to some extent and I would like to think it's also a way for my friends and family who don't live in Austin (this is a large number) to know what's going on. I read a few blogs - KRo, Emo and now Amanda - for that purpose alone. Personally I think their's are more interesting than mine. KRo has a cute kid, Emo lives in NYC and Amanda just had a baby. But maybe to them, their own life's seem mundane, or even just normal, but wedding planning is romantic and whimsical? Maybe my blog and what's going on with me is interesting?

Further, there's kinda a self-centeredness to blogging. What makes me think that anything I have to write is interesting to others? (I mean maybe it is but what makes me think that?) Whether its the day to day puppy trials or if I were to write political opinions or communications discoveries, why is it that I think MINE are somehow new, interesting or insightful?

All insightful questioning aside, you still are probably going to be subject to the changes in my life if you read this here blog regularly. On that note, let's review the recent ones. Turns out Lexi did not just chew the wedding cake ribbon, she chewed it in half. I'm really counting on Paloma to make this all better. Ross had a job interview at Baby A's yesterday and HE GOT THE JOB! We are now entering the double income no kids (DINK) phase of our lives. Good glory, I hope we are here for a few years. And girls, we have a new happy hour location with a sexy bartender...yes I mean Baby A's and Ross.

And finally, we had our Mirrors Reception at the office this past Wednesday. The women we are recognizing as Women of Distinction (this reception was to formally announce them) are rockstars. Specifically one is among the top lobbyists in Texas and another owns her own public relations/public affairs company. I plan on becoming best friends with these ladies, after all the fundraising is complete, and hopefully pick their brains. I found a job in South Carolina that was "Director of Public Relations and Advocacy" and I am intrigued. I think talking to these gals about their public policy experience could help me figure out how to do the advocacy party. And then I can practice lobbying while I lobby with Haila, Joel and Etta to create that job for me. I'd even be willing to be Manager of PR and Advocacy if "director" isn't a possibility. My inner communicatins person and political junkie is very excited right now.

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your blog! It is interesting and insightful, but mostly entertaining. Then again, I might just be a little biased!