Feb 27, 2009

I love book club

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And book club loves Lexi, thus my reasoning (as if I needed any) for the photo.

Last night my book club met for the first time. We talked about the book (The Wednesday Letters) for about 15, maybe 20 minutes. And then we drank lots of wine, gabbed and hit midnight before realizing it. In fact when Ross came home from a fruitful night of bartending he was very surprised to still see Nikki, Kandi and me up and chatting over full glasses. (Dora has a life and left early for a date; Susannah opted to actually sleep before going to work today.) In fact, Nikki just decided to stay for a slumber party which made it even more fun. Not that I would dare compare things to the mayhem that was Val, Kristin, AJ and me...but for not being in college anymore, this was pretty good. I'm really looking forward to our next "meeting" on April 2. This book club stuff is good times.

Know the best part though? Sorry girls but the best part was that Ross surprised me by cleaning up from all the dinner, wine, etc. Yup, I came home from work today and the kitchen and dining room that were a mess when I left, are completely clean. Thing of beauty.

And tomorrow Mom and I are going to get my wedding dress! EEEEE (that is supposed to indicate an excited girly squeal). So very exciting.

But for now I am going to lay down for just a bit, watch some TV, walk my puppy and then accomplish some work related things while doing laundry. I know it may not sound like an exciting Friday but after the goodness of last night, it sounds ok to me.

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