Feb 12, 2009

Max the Mac is home!

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My Mac is home! I'm uploading pictures, blogging, and accidentally plugging the wrong wires into our router and messing things all up. But its ok.

I love this pic of Ross and Lexi because you can tell just how little tiny she is. She's such a cute baby! But she doesn't play real well with stranger dogs so we are looking into puppy school.

And the two big news items of the week...

Ross passed his EMT exam! He's now a certified EMT! Woohoo! We are so excited! We've left the student phase of life and moved into the job hunting phase of life. Hopefully its short with a long paid employment phase following.

Baby cousin Isaak arrived! He was born Tuesday and is healthy as can be. Count them I now have 13 cousins. Its going to take some getting used; I've been saying 12 cousins for as long as I can remember. But for you baby Isaak, I'll adjust.

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