Feb 17, 2009

What's up

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I realize there are probably other things in life besides Lexi but sometimes thats hard to remember. And I recently printed and framed this photo in our living room so its staring me down at the moment.

But outside of Lexi related things - you will not believe what I saw today. I was driving home and there on the corner of Braker and the I-35 feeder was a homeless veteran (so his sign claimed) ON HIS CELL PHONE. Ross says I am a bleeding heart liberal but this was too much for me. Are you really asking me for money while you talk on your cell phone?! Even just from a PR perspective, fine have a cell phone but don't talk on it while asking me for money. It's almost as bad as taking your private jet to Congress to ask for money. Just are you kidding me? Melissa and I thought for the $30+ that a cell phone costs per month, couldn't you buy food?

Now there are of course a hundred options. Maybe the VA provided it, or Goodwill. Maybe its a family member's gift so they can keep in touch. But do you really expect me to give you money while you talk on it?

I'm into helping people out. I really am. But don't flaunt your poor decisions (or just good luck) while asking me for the most basic things. Cell phones, big screen TVs, and diamonds are never going to inspire me to help you. Help me help you by accepting my willingness to teach you how to fish.

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