Feb 24, 2009

I believe in a 1 blog per day max

1 blog per day max at least for now.

I'm convinced that 1) too much is happening to have time for me to blog more than once a day and 2) if I have time to blog more than once a day, I need to find something else to do. Those things kept in mind, you get a slew of topics all at once. And unlike the smart party hostess who serves her best wine first, I'm starting with the so-so and making you read to the bottom for the good stuff.

  • Southwest Airlines is starting to fly into Logan Airport (Boston) this fall. Holy cow its about time.
  • My pup did not tear up my house in any way while we were both gone all day. Way to go Lexi!
  • My wedding dress is in, one size smaller than the last time it was in. God I hope it fits.
  • Ross had a rockin' first day at Baby A's. He likes his coworkers, is pleased with his pay and very very glad to be working. Woohoo!
  • Not that this is more important than Ross' job, but perhaps invites more conversation. At the office we're diving into social media, as mentioned, and my former coworker Eric from BC has invited me to submit a few blog entries regarding the adventure. He is the admin for a blog (i On Nonprofits) affiliated with a tech company that specializes in nonprofit software, like fundraising software. The blog is not so much about his client as issues in the nonprofit world therefore positioning his client as an expert on their customers' industry. That I tell you is public relations strategy at its finest. Anyways, I've been invited to submit a few blogs about our little adventure into social meda. I started an entry tonight and am kinda stumped. Should I make it first person like this bad boy here is? Should it be more stuffy because it is business related? Yes probably more formal but can I still keep first person? For some reason, first person just feels right, maybe because of the personal nature of a blog. My first entry draft is all about the challenge of putting GSCTX into social media, and therefore opening the door to the public, but ensuring that official GSCTX affiliated Web pages only contain content appropriate for kiddos to read. Can you be open and controlled at the same time? Does that contradict the basic principles of social media? Is it an oxymornic goal? We are not targeting kiddos with our social media; we're leaving that to GSUSA with their new online safety Web site, LMK. But let's face it, if the site/page is Girl Scouts, girls are going to end up there. Their parents are going to think (rightfully) that its a safe haven for their daughters. And even if they aren't our target audience, we should be mindful of those things. All this may be fine and dandy for here, but is it insightful enough for i On Nonprofits? Honestly, I'm thinking about work at 8:30 p.m. so I don't really know. I may have hit a stroke of genius or I may reread that entry in the morning and think "dude you were so off base..." I guess we'll see.


Haila said...

just my humble opinion, but I like blogs that are in the first person and very conversational. can't wait to see what you write up!

Cheryl said...

and in this particular instance, since its a work thing, your opinion counts big.