Feb 20, 2009

Real Simple Satisfaction

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Actually I think RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication...I mean I know it does. But Haila, my boss lady, got me hooked on it this morning. KRo I now have your blog feeding DIRECTLY INTO MY HOMEPAGE. Holy cow! No more checking a million blogs a day. I go to one tab on my homepage and can say "oh United Way and KRo both blogged, yay! time to read!"

Want to be as cool as me? If you use Explorer then you probably see a little orange square with white stripey things in the top right part of your screen. I won't go into all the details but thats the bad boy that will make RSS feeds happen.

Next, I love that Lexi pictures supply a never ending source of images for this blog. Never ending I tell you. But beware of the cute pup, she's been naughty lately. She's an escape artist. Twice in one day earlier this week! And she chewed on the ribbon, the ribbon Nancy ordered from Scotland, that is supposed to go on our wedding cake. Don't die, Mom, I know you are gasping. I think she left us enough for the cake. Paloma will make it all better I promise.

And finally for a random tangent, I have discovered that I hugely loyal to my Yahoo email. I'm looking at new cell phones and love the Google phone but as soon as I realized I couldn't be as cool with Yahoo on it as I could be with Google, I backed out. I'm already changing my last name, my phone number and my bank account this year. I can't handle an email change too. That's how people have identity crisises (that word has too many S's). Long live Yahoo!

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Haila said...

Yay! Welcome to the wonderful world of RSS!