Apr 19, 2009

Babies with wet noses

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Ross is always talking about Lexi's "wet noses." She only has one. I don't know why he says noses as if our pup has two or three. It's just one nose.

And though this baby didn't have a wet nose but I met baby Claire today. She's perfect! Precious and warm and cuddly. I also met Jay, Becca's fiance and Claire's papa. I'm pleased to report that Becca and Jay have a good plan for taking care of their little bundle of joy. Claire's going to have a super life with her loving mama and papa.

Before I met baby Claire though, Mom and I ordered the wedding invitations. I'm so glad to check that item off the wedding to-do list. It had become a drain. The invitations I liked best were so expensive I might as well hand over my first born child as payment. I like the ones we ordered though. They are the right color and have a nice contemporary feel. I also got the return address preprinted on the envelopes which may seem small but we have the longest address known to man. The thought of writing it 80+ times frightened me. God bless preprinting.

And I must brag on my honey. When that man is productive, he is PRODUCTIVE. He reminds me of me in that when things get sluggish, everything gets sluggish. But when we're busy, things get done because we know we can't procrastinate. I'm big on getting things done so seeing his checked off lists just makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

On that same note, I think we've worked out some pre-marital, or in some people's cases, early marital, ways. In the past year we've learned how the other functions at home and how we can best function together. In many ways, I'm the household manager. I juggle the balls but Ross is great at getting things done. My impulsive organizing and calendar keeping is needed/wanted and for an impulsive organizer, that's a beautiful thing.

And I know I mentioned it a blog or so ago, but I get so giddy over the idea of us being homeowners in the foreseeable future, that I just cannot help it. I shrank our hypothetical house buying budget, searched and still came up with cute houses in the right parts of town. Every discovery like that gives me increased confidence in our ability to reach our goal.

Which leads me to one final point (see how far from wet noses we've traveled). WE have goals. They are OUR plans. WE are working together. WE have a puppy. In the past year of living together I also feel like we've made huge strides in becoming Team Black. It's no longer my goals and his goals, my chores and his chores (well for the most part, though groceries are still mine and oil changes his). It's us, we, ours, together, the team. It may be my career but it is our goal. It may be his job hunt but its our project. It is swell to be a team.

And this team loves their puppy and her wet nose(s).

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