Apr 5, 2009

I heart the beach

C&R @ Port A
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I've always known I like the beach. But until this weekend I had not been in...well over a year. Probably summer 2007 when Melissa and I went to Port A for a day.

But this beach trip was amazing. At first, Ross had to sell me on it. Not because I don't love the beach but because of finances. We're just getting them where we want them and I wasn't quite ready to spend money going out of town. Kandi did a great job of finding a sweet yet affordable beachfront location. The condo we stayed at was awesome; hardwood floors, washer, dryer, kitchen gadgets, 2 bathrooms, plenty of sleeping space.

And the beach. God, I love the beach. It's been a stressful year at GSCTX thus far - really no break at all between cookie season and our big fundraisers. But on the beach this weekend I completely turned my brain off. The most important thing I thought about was "Should I have water or a Cape Cod next and either way, where am I going to find ice for it?" No press releases, no scripts, no Web sites, no nothing. (Keep in mind, I like my job but there's a threshold even to Girl Scouts sometimes.)

It was me, 10 good friends, salt water and sunshine. Just the taste and smell of the salt made me happy. I even enjoyed the increased humidity. It just felt RIGHT. It was like I could suddenly breathe easier, relax and not worry about how the island grocery store was gouging us on every purchase. (Which they were but I am 100% OK with it. That's just how much I needed to be on the beach.)

And I've even got a little memory to take home - some red hot (literally) tan lines.

Finally, after this weekend, that I am so glad Ross talked me into, I vow to never go a summer without visiting the beach ever again. It was the most foolish thing I've ever done. I will always visit the beach at least once a year for the rest of my life. Scouts honor.

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