Apr 21, 2009

She made an itinerary

That's why I love Val. She may not be quite as calendar OCD as I am but she's not far.

She created an itinerary for my travels to DC this weekend. Holy guacamole, it is beautiful. A fancy dinner out together (Val is my date, I love it), BBQ birthday dinner, all night birthday shenanigans, brunch, wine festival, rooftop margaritas, tour of the Newseum and all kinds of mischief in the capital of our great country. It is a thing of beauty.

I cannot wait to see Val, Justin, Anna, Ben, Miranda, Ankur, VB and whoever else makes it out while I'm in DC. Woohoo!

Btw, on another note, I could not be happier. My personal life is just downright perfect (knock on wood). It is fantastic.

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